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ABT Products - Affordable Backflow Testers, Plumbing, Irrigation Repairs, Installation & Maintenance Seattle WAIndustry standards are vital to have in areas of health and safety, and ABT’s industry standard is Mid-West Gauges, a component part of what ABT offers its customers. To insure accuracy, these gauges are calibrated on a yearly basis to carry ½ up to 2 Backflow assemblies as well as plumbing parts and supplies. ABT also carries Febco, Watts, Conbraco, Wilkins and Ames parts. Our large inventory allows us to make quick repairs and provide replacements as needed.

Well-equiped, ABT has all the equipment needed for installing ½ up to 10 Backflow assemblies. Along with professional installation and service, we minimize water supply down time.

What are Double-Check Backflow Preventers?

Double-Check Backflow preventers sound exotic, but they’re very functional. They consist of two check valves, four test ports, and two shut offs. These are quite often found in green rectangular irrigation boxes at ground level, and sometimes seen in garages, crawl spaces and unfinished basements.

Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventers

These units consist of two check valves, one relief valve, four test ports, a sensing line, and two shut offs. As they’re required to be installed above ground (indoor or outdoor), they’re used sometimes in insulated hot boxes.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker/Spill Resist Pressure Vacuum Breakers

These type of pressure vacuum breakers have a single check valve, two tests ports, an air inlet, and two shut offs. These devices are to be installed above ground and are almost always seen outdoors.