Backflow Repair

Backflow Repair

Expert Backflow Repair Services in Seattle, Puget Sound and Western Washington

Backflow Repair ABT - Affordable Backflow Testers, Plumbing, Irrigation Repairs, Installation & Maintenance Seattle WAWhen a Backflow device stops doing its job, we conduct a field test to determine if it can be repaired or if a new device needs to be installed. Occasionally with Backflow repair of small devices, the problem is simple to correct and there may be no charge if it passes a retest.

When something goes wrong with a larger commercial device, repairs are more involved. Schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience so we can inspect your equipment and give you an estimate on cost and how long it will take to remedy the problem. If your water has to be shut off due to a faulty device, we are required to report to the local water authority and wait for approval. Plan ahead for your Backflow repair device needs and call ABT so we can order parts that may not be on hand.

How Long Will My Water Be Off for Backflow Repairs?

If your water has been turned off, we won’t leave you stranded unless there’s nothing else we can do. We have never left anyone without water if they needed it. Since Backflow devices come in a variety of different types and sizes, there’s no one answer for how long it will take to repair your device.

Can All Backflow Devices Be Fixed?

Some can and some can’t. It really depends on whether your device is USC approved or not. Occasionally, a device will be dropped from the list of approved devices. In such cases, your local water purveyor makes decisions like this; we don’t.

Why Are Backflow Repair Devices Re-tested?

According to State law, ABT is required to re-test Backflow devices to confirm that the repair work was properly done. This important last step insures there is no cross-contamination. ABT charges for re-tests, and these are usually included in the cost to repair the Backflow device.

Are There Backflow Repair Devices That Can’t Be Repaired?

Yes, and when this happens, we are required to get approval from the water purveyor for a replacement Backflow device. After the approval is granted, ABT will perform the installation of the new device on appointment.

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